Aries Weekly Horoscope

July 11 - July 17, 2022

28 Weeks, There has been a real shift that you are not only still adjusting to but will have a chance to more fully exploit this week. It was Mars' departure from Aries last week that saw the warrior planet and your ruling planet wrap up the six week foundation to this new two year Mars cycle. In that time Mars fired up your passions, drive, competitive and warrior spirit but in a way that is now looking for a more specific outlet. In his first full week in your income sector, Mars is already channelling this into a renewed fight for what you deserve, something that will get a boost from a Full Moon in your career sector midweek. This is something that will get some push back from the Sun, in his last full week in your home and family sector. This might create some professional pressure or work/life balance tension midweek but with things firing up across the income, work and career fronts over the coming weeks this is the right reminder at the right time.

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