Capricorn Horoscope: Daily & Today

Thursday, July 18, 2024

The study of unusual subjects appeals to you at this stage in your life, and you could find that you have a certain amount of genius in some such things. Curiosity is strong, and pays off in ways you\'d never suspect. Writing or speaking about radical social or technological ideas catches your interest, and could get you lots of positive attention. A \"high-tech\" phase.

Love Horoscope

If you wish to ascertain who you want to be look no farther than your romantic interest. Once you sort one out the other will follow. Attraction may reside in the heart, but it originates in the mind.

Work Horoscope

Today you are in great form and you\'ve a very positive attitude. You\'ll be able to motivate others easily. Aside from that, your priorities are clearer than usual, which gives you a distinct advantage at your workplace. Your colleagues are allowing the space for you to focus on your own goals today. As long as you don\'t too carried away with this, the day will be highly satisfactory for you.

Lotto Numbers

8, 9, 18, 37, 44, 52

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