Taurus Weekly Horoscope

July 18 - July 24, 2022

29 Weeks, The Moon's return to Taurus midweek brings you to what is always an important point in any month to check in, both with your own inner voice and the ever changing cosmic conditions. This time this is especially important on both fronts, with this first visit since Mars' return to Taurus a chance to check in his warrior and competitive spirit but also ensuring you are emotionally and intuitively engaged in a week where there is a massive amount of change. That change begins on Monday when Venus swaps out her planet of money hat as she leaves your income sector and dons her planet of love hat as she joins the Sun and Mercury in your communication sector. Venus will leave behind planets on the income and career fronts that will keep things ticking over until Mars returns next month as she shifts her focus onto giving your heart and your relationships a voice. This is a chance to make the most of the Sun and Mercury's final days here before they shift their focus onto home and family matters.

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