Taurus Zodiac Sign (astrology)

Taurus (♉︎) (Latin for bull, derived from the Greek word Ταῦρος), is the second astrological sign in the modern zodiac. It spans from 30° to 60° of the zodiac. This sign belongs to the Earth element or triplicity, and has a feminine or negative polarity, as well as a fixed modality, quality, or quadruplicity. It is a Venus-ruled sign along with Libra. The Moon is in its exaltation here at exactly 3°. The Sun transits this sign from approximately April 21 until May 20 in western astrology.

Zodiac symbolBull
Duration (tropical, western)April 19 – May 20 (2021, UT1)
Zodiac elementEarth
Zodiac qualityFixed
Sign rulerVenus
DetrimentTraditional:Mars Modern:Pluto
FallTraditional: No planet is fall or depressed here; Modern: Uranus

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