Virgo Horoscope: Daily & Today

Thursday, July 18, 2024

You speak very clearly, convincingly, and forcefully now, so that there is no mistaking what your views and opinions are. You can argue a good case, make a very persuasive presentation, or successfully challenge someone whose ideas do not agree with your own. This transit lasts for a few weeks.

Love Horoscope

Say what you mean without hesitation, because your words can only express your feelings, and your feelings are clear at this time. Be honest and take a leap of faith by opening up to someone close.

Work Horoscope

You\'re practically addicted to fame and success and as a result do not handle your colleagues with the respect they deserve. Do not put good relationships, which possibly are the result of long-term collaboration, under undue strain, just because you\'ve an increased demand for attention.

Lotto Numbers

18, 22, 23, 43, 47, 65

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