Yesterday’s Leo Horoscope

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

You\'d want to be pretty confident today if you draw attention to yourself. Even if you don\'t try to be the center of attention, someone else may draw others to take note. On the work or hobby front some new ideas are likely to bring success.

Love Horoscope

Today you are positive and full of good ideas. Your playful nature will offer solutions to those who are stuck and entertain those who are humourless. Tale initiative and assume a leadership role.

Work Horoscope

You receive a great deal of admiration for your ability to solve with consummate ease any difficult problems that arise. You are appreciated as an integral part of the group and are accorded the honor of the being both spokesperson and given responsibility for overall planning. You should not be intimidated by the complexity of the challenges you are given but rely on your gut instinct to resolve any difficult issues.

Lotto Numbers

8, 11, 17, 23, 52, 67

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