Yesterday’s Scorpio Horoscope

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

You are wildly optimistic and enthusiastic now! Your luck is very good too, and this further stimulates your optimism. Life seems less restrictive and limiting. Promotions, advancement, bonuses, and travel are likely during this time period. Pressures decrease; for example, important deadlines are easily met, pushed back, or canceled. You are less worried, anxious, and concerned than usual.

Love Horoscope

Personal issues bring you at odds with someone in your life. You may not be ready to share these problems with this person and until you find a way to communicate there will be tension between the two of you.

Work Horoscope

You\'ve plenty of opportunities to take care of your professional advancement. It\'s the best time for you to be successful in job interviews or salary negotiations. You find very little difficulty in dealing with those in authority. You do not have to put on an act, for you are able to be convincing with your clarity, objectivity and competence. Use this!

Lotto Numbers

10, 17, 30, 40, 52, 55

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